In the midst of this time of isolation and being cooped up at home, I have been struggling to come up with ideas to keep my 8-year old, Sophia, busy and also burn off some of her boundless energy. It's even harder when the weather isn't nice or we can't get outside. Nevertheless, we all need some type of exercise!

I’m fortunate to have a small exercise area in our loft with some workout equipment, but it’s not all appropriate for Sophia to use. For that reason, we came up with our own circuit idea.

We started with jumping over her storage boxes and doing some push ups. Then, we did a balancing exercise and finished with step ups.

I was able to keep her busy for 5 minutes beforehand with making the signs for each exercise and laying out everything we needed.

Now, I'd like to set you a challenge to be creative in how you get active during isolation! Come up with some of your own exercises which will help keep you (and your family) healthy at home.

By the way, I tried the circuit in my sock feet and realized afterwards that I should have put on my running shoes. Let’s make sure we keep our foot injuries to a minimum while self-isolating!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and hope to see you soon in person at our clinic.