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As a Canadian certified Pedorthist, Shannon is a member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada www.pedorthic.ca and the College of Pedorthics of Canada. She will provide you with the appropriate paperwork for you to submit to your extended health benefits. This can include a biomechanical gait analysis report which includes casting technique and raw material used, a lab invoice and lab order.



The next step is to fit your orthotics into your shoe. Bringing the shoes you wear for work and exercise allows Shannon to fit your new orthotics properly to your footwear. Your orthotics and shoes should compliment each other and work together to give you the best support and function.



If you find that you are experiencing new pain, an increase in current pain, or other oddities (such as blisters) please contact Shannon's office and arrange an adjustment appointment. She wants to be certain that you are able to use your new custom foot orthotics in every aspect of your weight bearing life. Shannon also wants to ensure you are doing better and you pain symptoms are resolving.

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