Summer is quickly coming to end and that means the first day of school is right around the corner.

Is it time for new school shoes? Read below for some great Pedorthic tips to make sure your kids feet feel good all day in class and playing at recess.

Is your child hard on their shoes? Do they seem to wear them out quickly, get holes in the uppers? If your child is anything like my 6-year daughter, you may need to make sure you purchase durable shoes to last most of the school year.

Both shoes are a good brand, Saucony, however the one on the left has a softer outsole, and my daughter, Sophia, has already started to wear it out. The shoe on the right, when you press on the sole material, feels firmer and will last longer, especially when at the playground or riding their bike and using their feet to stop!

A quick tip to check the fit of the new shoes is to pull out the insole which comes with them and have your child step in it; it should be at least a thumb width to the edge of the insole and double check the width; a lot of shoes fit narrow and you don’t want your child’s toes hanging over the edges of the insole because this will indicate the shoe is not wide enough and can lead to toe deformities.

In addition to Saucony, brands such as Brooks, Asics, and New Balance also offer great shoes for kids.

If your child is complaining of sore feet and they have been wearing flip flops all summer, purchasing a good pair of sandals (at those end of summer sales!) can help, especially if we have great temperatures into Fall. I like the fit and support of Birkenstocks for children and a newer brand on the market making sandals for kids is called Biotime.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you're shopping for new school supplies during the coming weeks and you'll start the school year off on the right foot!