Did you buy new running shoes or sandals this Spring? Are you having any issues with them? Could it be the FIT?!

Comfort with our new footwear is very important, especially now that good brand names are expensive. If you are having any issues with your running shoes or sandals this season, double check the fit; a shoe which is too long will bend in the wrong spot, a shoe which is too narrow will rub against big toes and baby toes, and a shoe which isn’t deep enough can cause rubbing on the top of your toes.

A great fitting sandal or running shoe will allow enough space for the toes and reduce the likelihood of blisters or corns by the end of the summer!

First, check the length; you should have a thumb or a finger width at the end of the shoe, checking at the longest toe – some of you may have a Morton’s Toe, or a 2nd longer toe!

If you take out the insole of your shoe and step on it, you get a better picture of the fit.

Second, check the width; your baby toe should not be pushing over the edge of the shoe and it shouldn’t feel tight by the big toe, especially if you have a bunion.

You can see that the insole on the right is too narrow and short for my foot.

If your shoes fit properly and you are still having issues, book an appointment with your Canadian Certified Pedorthist, such as Shannon Bunnett, C. Ped (C) for an assessment of your feet and footwear.