Can you believe it snowed on the weekend? Not our normal May temperatures! Even though it was cold and snow was on the ground, I needed ME TIME so off I went for a run. As I ran through the trails covered in snow, I thought how great my trail running shoes were keeping me from slipping and sliding up and down the hills. It got me thinking about my patients who are getting out for their daily walk during COVID-19. We are craving nature and fresh air, but are you wearing the right kind of shoe when you go? Please, don’t tell me you’re wearing your favourite Converse high tops for that 30-45 minute walk through the T.J. Dolan trails!

There are features on hiking shoes and trail running shoes to ensure you have traction and support for those steep inclines and twisty trail sections or when navigating a tree-root filled section.

First, the treads on the sole are designed to be durable, deeper, and have a pattern conducive for traction. Check out the soles of my New Balance hikers and my Treksta trail runners.

My hikers have a lug pattern which helps grip the trail, whether its hard-packed dirt or gravel, and there is Rockstop to prevent anything penetrating the sole. The Treksta shoe has a HYPERgrip soles for both traction and durability in both wet and dry conditions.

The uppers of a lot of trail walking and running shoes are water resistant or waterproof. This keeps feet dry when you are in muddy sections, it’s raining, or you land in a puddle. I also find it keeps my feet warm when its cold and windy, compared to running in a shoe with lots of mesh. My preference is a shoe with Gore-Tex – it’s guaranteed waterproof and breathable.

Stability is the last feature you need to consider– I’m talking to you Converse and Nike Free Lovers! On uneven terrain and when navigating rocks and roots, you need stability to avoid an ankle sprain or other injury. So, when you are walking your dog and they see that squirrel and try to run for it, those good hikers will help keep you on your feet! My New Balance hikers have a Roll Bar for added torsional stability.

Below are some samples to check online from these great footwear brands.

New Balance




Here’s to happy feet when out walking and running on the trails – namaste 6 feet away!

Check out my blog on my website for more information about foot health or exercises you can do at home. And if you need to get in touch with me, call the office and we can help you the best we can at this time!