This month I was an exhibitor at the Health & Wellness Fair for the City of Stratford put on by the Health & Wellness Committee.

Stratford City Hall is located in the heart of downtown Stratford, a National Historic Site of Canada built in the Queen Anne Revival style. This building is beautiful; the next time you are downtown, check out this historic building.

Over 20 exhibitors were invited to help engage the staff in improving their health, from head to toe! The exhibitors included myself, a provider of custom foot orthotics and footwear education, the Diabetes Association, the Lung Association, counselling services Choices For Change and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Norwex, local health food stores, Gentle Rain and The Stratford Health Store, Stratford Public Library, and much more. This is the 3rd year that the Health & Wellness Committee, of approximately 6 staff members, have organized this event. Over 100 employees of the City of Stratford attended last year!

Vicky Trotter, Lindsay VanGestel, & Marilyn Pickering, organizers of the 3rd Annual Health & Wellness Fair.
Shannon Bunnett, C. Ped (C), Canadian Certified Pedorthist,
provider of Custom Foot Orthotics & Footwear Education.

Many attendees mentioned they or a family member have or have had sore feet, like Plantar Fasciitis. Your feet and heels shouldn’t hurt! And with the nicer weather just around the corner, we all want to be more active without pain.

I had many questions about insurance and doctor referrals; many extended health benefit plans reimburse for custom foot orthotics. Your claim should include a prescription from your family doctor, a biomechanical gait analysis report, casting method, raw materials used for fabrication of the custom orthotics, and a paid receipt.