I love Birkenstock sandals and have worn this brand for many years as well as recommend it for my patients. But, I have a confession. My indoor Birks are over 10 years old! They are so very comfortable that I didn’t realize I needed to replace them. I was cleaning the bottoms the other day, and WOW; they were in dire need of replacing. So, it got me thinking about you, my patients, and those super comfy shoes you wear all day that are probably time to part with. Check out the pictures of my old pair below. If yours look anything like mine, do yourself a favour and go buy a new pair. Your feet will love you for it!

If you look at the cork (yellow arrows and yellow circle) it is starting to disintegrate – this means that as your foot hits the wall of the sandal, it no longer has support to help keep your foot in place. Also, if you look at the flex point of the sandal, there is a crack there and the front of the sandal is curled up compared to the new Birkenstock on the right. This means my toes were flexing more to keep the sandal on my foot, probably because the leather had stretched and the sandals were loose fitting.

I want you to have happy feet, and let me tell you, when I put those new, shiny Birks on the first time, I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF they felt so good. The support was amazing and the fit so much better than the stretched leather of my old ones. Make your feet happy again and invest in a new pair!

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