Many of us cannot wait to get back outdoors for our runs and walks after a long, cold winter! Although spring officially started back in March, the real spring weather didn't truly arrive here until mid-May. And with a late start to the season, you may only just be starting your search for a new pair of running shoes.

Which is why this blog post features a list of running shoes in a variety of fits and styles, along with my personal review for each one.

At the end of May, I made a visit to Running Room in uptown Waterloo (15 King St.) where I tried out a range of running shoes for the new season. There are many components that I take into consideration while trying on footwear, especially when it comes to a running shoe. Thankfully, I had some great help from a very knowledgeable sales associate, Jonah. He is a marathon runner and, therefore, knows how to put the shoes to a good test.

Unfortunately, there were no wide widths available to try on in my size. Shoe shopping can be challenging for many people and if the width selection isn't available, then the issue becomes going up a size. I don’t always think that this is the answer since the bending point of the shoe, the apex, will be off and the heel counter fit may be different and this may cause the heel to slip.

That being said, I was able to try on a variety of fits and brands and have listed them all below. Along with each shoe is my review of the fit and its structural details.

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I didn’t try on any New Balance shoes, which are typically my go-to brand in general because of their width selection. I currently run in the NB 880, which is a model from New Balance that doesn’t change much each quarter. It fits my wide foot best in the toe box, but is also snug at my heel. They're a perfect fit, something that can be hard to find in shoes.

Photo courtesy of Brooks

Brooks Ghost 11

Really good feel, cushioned. Heel counter fits snug. 12 mm drop.

Wide available online.

Photo courtesy of Brooks

Brooks Glycerin 17

Shallower fit overall, felt more structured. 10 mm drop.

View it online.

Photo courtesy of Canadian Footwear

Saucony Triumph ISO 5

Felt amazing on, but it's very soft in the forefoot and will wear out quickly if worn on abrasive pavement and sidewalks. 8 mm drop.

Wide available online.

Photo courtesy of Mizuno

Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Felt amazing all around, but it's not wide enough for my foot. Wide widths are not available.

View it online.

Photo courtesy of Asics

Asics Cumulus 21

Shallow, but nice tight fit at heel which I liked. Wider in toe box than Mizuno. Heel drop is not listed in the spec. sheet online that I could find, but it felt like a traditional running shoe, so approximately 10 mm heel drop.

Wide and narrow widths available online.